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How to extend the car battery life cycle
Source: | Author:lilead | Publish time: 2017-07-14 | 445 Views | Share:

In fact, those said above for most of the owners are not much use, the reason is to change the car battery directly to the repair shop or 4S shop on the replacement. The biggest significance for the owner is how to maintain the battery, so that the battery to extend the life cycle. Extend the battery life cycle of the way no more than the battery over discharge and damage. So small lithium also summed up the following points.

Turn off the engine and then use the car for a long time the use of electrical equipment is very easy to cause excessive discharge, such as sound, light, air conditioning, for the new battery, these electrical equipment in addition to lights outside the use of dozens of minutes or no problem, If the battery is already aging, then try to avoid. In addition, the inverter and the inverter with the power supply of high-power equipment, such as small vacuum cleaners, pumps and so on to be used after the car.

When the engine starts, the car battery will be a large current discharge, but a long time high current discharge, will greatly damage the battery. So each time the start time should not exceed 5 seconds, to avoid prolonged high current discharge battery power loss, if the start is not successful, then the next start must be more than 10 seconds interval, so that the battery has some buffer to prevent damage to the battery.

There is a need to do is to regularly check the car battery positive and negative cable is loose, if loose should be tightened in time. Also check regularly whether the holes in the battery cover are ventilated. If the battery cover hole is blocked, the resulting hydrogen and oxygen row does not go out, the electrolyte expansion, the battery shell will break, affecting the battery life.

In summary, a small lithium to remind the owner, if you do not want to car battery so soon say byebye, be sure to follow the above method to do Oh If you want to once and for all do not worry about the battery brought about by these problems, that small lithium to recommend you lilead smart lithium battery, the service life of more than ten years, lifetime warranty, ten years ago users are still using this lilead smart battery It, and the battery quality is no problem. Lilead smart lithium battery stability, can effectively solve the high turn off the fire, the body is more robust. Power is strong, turn the steering wheel light, fast response quickly, to bring you a perfect control experience.