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Do you have to park your car for a long time?
Source: | Author:lilead | Publish time: 2017-07-14 | 465 Views | Share:

On the issue of long parking, many old drivers will tell you, the vehicle must be a long time to open a long time to open, or else put the positive and negative battery removed. The old driver really said right. The reason is that in the starting battery manufacturing process, there will always be the presence of impurities, so the starting battery will inevitably exist in the phenomenon of automatic discharge. If you do not launch the vehicle for a long time, then the battery is very likely to produce excessive discharge phenomenon, resulting in battery damage. So if the vehicle to a long time to park, then we must ensure that once a week or directly to the positive and negative battery removed to power.

Use lilead lithium battery with automatic sleep function to give you a double insurance Oh, if the car is not used for a long time, lilead lithium battery can automatically sleep until the next time you use the charge to restore the use of functional, safe and at ease.

Lilead Lithium Battery is a championship driver in the depth of the design to improve the racing dedicated battery, Red Bull Racing drivers favorite, the battery quality is light, only 5.5kg, this weight is only the focus of lead-acid battery 1/3, for the vehicle weight loss 15KG or more The best partner of the racing driver!