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five major advantages of Lilead smart start battery
Source: | Author:lilead | Publish time: 2017-07-15 | 557 Views | Share:

1 What are the environmental factors that affect starting battery life?

1) Ambient temperature
The normal operation of the battery temperature is 20 ~ 45 ℃, the best operating temperature is 25 ℃. When the temperature rises by 5 ℃, the battery life is reduced, and prone to thermal runaway.

LILEAD central laboratory data show that LILEAD is still used in low temperature and high temperature performance. In the laboratory 100 degrees Celsius boiling water hot child experiment, can still be used normally!

May 2017 in the Gnie Mountain through the trip, LILEAD battery was taken to an altitude of 4,000 meters above the plateau, at -20 ℃ normal start!

2) Ambient humidity
The operating humidity of the starting battery should be between 5 ~ 95% (no condensation), the ambient humidity is too high, will be condensation in the battery surface, prone to short circuit; environmental humidity is too low, prone to static electricity.

5 ~ 95% humidity LILEAD normal operation, the product even cited barrier-class waterproof technology, soaked in fresh water can still be used normally!

3) dust
Too much dust, easy to make the battery short circuit, safety valve plug failure.

LILEAD uses a stunning design, dust and drop, to ensure longer product use.
2 why the battery will fail?

1) battery water loss
Valve-regulated lead-acid batteries do not escape the gas is conditional, that is: the battery during storage should be no gas escape; charge voltage at 2.35V / monomer (25 ℃) should be no gas escape; Gas escapes. But when the charging voltage exceeds 2.35V / monomer is likely to make the gas escape, then the battery body a short time to produce a large number of gases too late to be absorbed by the negative, the pressure exceeds a certain value, they began through the one-way exhaust valve Gas, the exhaust gas, although filtered through the acid filter acid mist, but after all, the battery loss of gas (that is, loss of water), so the valve-regulated sealed lead-acid battery charging can not overcharge.

LILEAD does not row acid gas, no pollution to the environment.

2) Negative plate sulfation
When the valve-regulated sealed lead-acid battery charge is insufficient, in the battery positive and negative grid plate there is PbSO4 this phenomenon known as the activation of the sulfation of substances, the sulfide of the active material to reduce the battery to reduce the effective Capacity, but also affect the battery's gas absorption capacity, a long time will make the battery failure.

Use LIEAD, no maintenance!

3) Positive plate corrosion
As the battery water loss, resulting in increased proportion of electrolyte, too strong acid corrosion of the positive plate corrosion.

Use LIEAD, no maintenance!

4) Thermal runaway
Thermal runaway is the starting battery in the constant voltage charging, the charging current and battery temperature, a cumulative increase in the role, and gradually damage the battery. From the current situation of the use of the battery survey, the thermal out of control is one of the main reasons for battery failure. The direct consequence of the thermal runaway is the battery pack, the leak, the battery capacity drop, serious also cause plate deformation, the last failure. Float voltage is the long-term use of the battery charging voltage, is the battery life is critical factors. Under normal circumstances, the floating charge voltage is 2.23 ~ 2.25V / monomer (25 ℃) more appropriate.

LILEAD unique overcharge protection, the use of the above problems never occurred.

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