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good news about Lilead car battery
Source: | Author:lilead | Publish time: 2017-07-23 | 1340 Views | Share:

good news! good news!

The original price of more than six thousand LILEAD, now ... ...

In short supply, want to buy as soon as possible
Do not get the goods users please be patient
Do not condone the cattle party's fare increase behavior!

The good news today is that the LILEAD technician has opened the Q & A channel in the background and you have any questions about the car battery that you can ask the technician in the public number!

The following is the summary of some of the users this week, some of the problems and answers, the same trouble the old driver, come get new skills now!

Old driver: @ cigarette lighter without lighter
Dashboard also lights, but the dashboard has a small light like a battery has been flashing, the car can not start, how is this going on?
LILEAD technology house: under normal circumstances, there are more electricity in the car when the instrument panel will be lit.
Like a small light flashing, is to remind you, I am less expensive!
So, charge the battery, or change another Lilead without maintenance, you can consider!

Old driver: Hu Han three
If my car because the battery can not start, it is not only call to repair or 4S shop for help?
LILEAD technology house: If you are a land of luxury owners, do not care at any time may spend hundreds of dollars out of it, then of course, is the most convenient and easy, and if we save the owners, or change LILEAD to avoid this problem What happened!

Old driver: happy every day
To the battery emergency charge also charge how long, so what should pay attention to?
LILEAD technology house: usually within 3 minutes to start the vehicle.
However, we should note that the wiring before charging, you must first use the red battery clip clip the positive electrode: then the black clip of the negative electrode; when the vehicle starts, the stitches with the opposite line, the first black line, And then remove the red line. Operation, the hand to hold on the rubber skin, is to prevent electric shock.
After the start, you can because of battery failure and other issues, long time can not be full, always worried.
In this case you can try LILEAD battery, usually within 18 minutes to complete the fast charge, more able to adapt to the fast-paced life of modern society Oh!

Old driver: fast gunman
Battery life is generally how long
LILEAD technology house: general car original battery life six months - 2 years range. The key is to see the battery quality and your habits. If you feel the engine is difficult to start, headlights significantly darker, horn sound is not high, you can consider changing the battery slightly!

Does this Q & A solve your distress?
You have any questions, you can like the old driver as above, at any time to ask us Oh!

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