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Do you want to use the car battery?
Source: | Author:lilead | Publish time: 2017-07-30 | 1256 Views | Share:

1. Car Battery for a long time do not, it will slowly discharge their own, until the scrapped. Therefore, every time a certain time should start a car, to the battery charge. Another way is to remove the two electrodes on the battery, it should be noted that from the electrode column is unplugged positive and negative two electrode lines, first unplug the negative line, or remove the negative and the car chassis connection. And then unplug the other end with a positive mark (+), the battery has a certain life, to a certain period of time to be replaced. In the replacement of the same order to follow the above, but in the electrode line connected, the order is the opposite, then the first positive, and then then negative.

2. When the ammeter pointer shows the lack of electricity, it is necessary to charge in time. The battery capacity can be reflected in the dashboard. Sometimes in the road to find the power is not enough, the engine can not turn off the fire, as a temporary measure, you can help the other vehicles, with their vehicles on the battery to launch the vehicle, the two batteries connected to the negative and negative, positive and positive The
3. The density of the electrolyte should be in accordance with the different regions, different seasons in accordance with the standard corresponding adjustments.
4. In the loss of electrolyte should be added to the distilled water or special rehydration. Avoid drinking pure water instead. Because pure water contains a variety of trace elements, the battery will cause adverse effects.
5. When starting the car, uninterrupted use of the start-up opportunity causes the car battery to be damaged due to excessive discharge. The correct way to use is to start the car every time the total length of not more than 5 seconds, start the interval again less than 15 seconds. In the case of a number of start still not in the case of the circuit, ignition coil or oil and other reasons to find the reasons.
6. Routine traffic should always check the battery cover on the hole is ventilated. If the battery cover hole is blocked, the resulting hydrogen and oxygen row does not go out, the electrolyte expansion, the battery shell will break, affecting the car battery life.