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Racinging Track Series

Unlimited Speed 

Lilead battery 

is equipped with 5 exclusive state of the art technologies. 



Red Bull drift champion James Tang:

“The operation reaction is much faster when using LILEAD.In particular the steering is much lighter when turning.It is very exciting!It is not just the feeling.It is a fact!”

Lilead V1 lithium battery


exquisite & firm

The patented appearance, the golden section rate layout and the red-black color match excellently convey the enthusiasm of the audiophile.

  1. LED touch screen to display SOC “state of charge” accurately
  2. The design of the corrugated sides and soft plastic side edges resists compression, and the red & black color match manifests the uninhibited fashion.
  3. Universal stand can be adjusted for multiple styles and dimensions ensuring that there is no need to modify the battery holder.
  4. The design of 4 corner copper terminal posts enables the battery to be installed in all.

Structure - precision

fearless of impact, short circuit, and soaking

The material is of non-flammable grade UL94V-0, and the impact strength is 820J/m; IP67 waterproof & dustproof.


non-flammable grade


impact strength


 waterproof & dustproof


powerful and light-weight

LILEAD uses UL and UN certified li-ion cell that ensures strong and stable power output, safe use, and prolonged service life.

Strong and stable power output filters power perfectly, enabling the subwoofer hit harder and your components sound crystal clear.
LILEAD filters power perfectly, enabling the subwoofer to hit harder and your components sound crystal clear.

Circuitry Management

an intelligent system

LILEAD’s patented technologies and world leading intelligent circuitry management system ensure a strong and stable power output for motor, which enables you to conquer the wild and enjoy your life.

Protection of 8 superior levels under intelligent system