How To Choose High Quality Energy Storage System?


Find the right battery for your Energy Storage isn’t easy, safety is the first concern for any battery used in Energy Storage, it should not overheat or catch fire in case of overcharging.

LILEAD TEAM can help you out of these situations. We believe that design is one of the most important elements for Energy Storage System.LILEAD is a professional high-tech enterprise specialized in Energy Storage System research and development, production and sales, committed to building a famous brand in the Energy Storage field. We can also design as per your requirement. We have recognized by majority of peers and customers. LILEAD professional team composed of high efficiency, to bring you an integrated design service. Welcome to cooperate with us.

LILEAD TEAM Independent developed BMS battery management system Provides Quality Assurance. LILEAD power has our own R&D team for BMS research, providing more effective battery protection to improve the stability of battery and prolong battery lifespan. With the matured and advanced technology, to meet all needs of customers, we not only sell batteries, but also provide superb power safety energy solution for customers. LILEAD Engineers teams have many tears experiences and mature professionals in rechargeable cell industry. If you have any new design or inquiry, please email us. Our engineers and sales manager will work with you to provide you the best solutions. Contact us to let us know which chemistry (NiCd battery, NiMH battery or lithium battery), electric performance and battery packing details you need, in addition to the existing LILEAD standard models, we can design and manufacture for you. Welcome to consult and discussion.


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