12V 80Ah Off Grid Home Deep Cycle Lithium Batteries

  • 12V 80Ah Off Grid Home Deep Cycle Lithium Batteries
12V 80Ah Off Grid Home Deep Cycle Lithium Batteries
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LILEAD dual 12 volt lithium battery offer the capability to deliver a burst of high current for a short period of time. These current requirements are typically necessary to start a boat, generator motor, or power the bow thruster, winch etc.

5000W surge output (30S)

LILEAD S80 dual 12 volt lithium battery can support bow thruster, winch, air-conditioning etc high power equipment on the yacht, RV etc.

0 emissions

LILEAD dual lithium battery produces zero emissions or carbon footprint during use, emits no sulfur, no greenhouse gases, and does not damage the environment. It's good for you and the planet.  

Drop in replacement

Dimension: 279*175*189mm; 11*6.9*7.5inch

Group size: L30 DIN (70Ah lead acid battery size)

Can be charged via alternator.


LILEAD S80 12V dual lithium battery cells are EV grade LiFePO4 battery cell, which is the best LiFePO4 battery cell in market. Cells are UL1642 certified and have been tested per IEC62133 standards. 

LILEAD S80 12V dual lithium battery are UN38.3 certified. Meets international regulation for air, ground, train and marine transport.

It’s also IP67 and , CE-EMC certified, perfect as 12 volt lithium battery for marine application. 

LILEAD S80 12V dual lithium battery housing is UL94-V0 certified, its top flammability grade for battery plastic housing.


Trolling motor、Sailboat、Yacht、Houseboats、RV’s、Trailers、Off-grid, homes、Overlanders

S200 Battery Tech Data
Stored Energy2560Wh
Rated capacity200Ah
Dimension (L*W*H)376*194*223mm  14.8*7.62*8.92inch
Nominal voltage12.8V
Volt range10V-14.6V
Charge timeStandard5.5h
Charge method
Max discharge currentCrank1500A
Surge (60S)300A
Cycle life
0.5C, 23℃/73℉
10%>6000 cycles
100%>2000 cycles
Operating temperature rangeCharge0℃~55℃/  32℉~131℉
Discharge-20℃~60℃/ -4℉~140℉
Storage (1 month)-20℃~45℃/ -4℉~113℉
Storage (6 month)-10℃~35℃/ 14℉~95℉
Water proofIP67
Flammability ratingUL94-V0
Approx weight19.8Kg/ 43.6lbs
Series & parallel connectionMax 4 series connection.
Multiple parallel connection for yachts.
Batteies must be fully charged before series or parallel connection.

BMS Protection
Activate volt3.55V/ cell
High temperature protection (MOSFET)Protection85℃/ 185℉
Release75℃/ 167℉
High temperature protection (cell)Protection65℃/ 149℉ (charge)  70℃/ 158℉ (discharge)
Release55℃/ 131℉ (charge)  60℃/ 140℉ (discharge)
Low temperature protection (cell)Protection0℃/ 32℉ (charge)  -20℃/ -4℉ (discharge)
Release10℃/50℉ (charge)  -10℃/ 14℉ (discharge)
Over-chargeProtection15.4V  (3.85V/cell)
Relase14.6V  (3.65V/cell)
Over-discharge Protection9.2V  (2.3V/cell)
Relase10.0V  (2.5V/cell)
RelaseRemove load for the short circuit protection to release



LILEAD S80 dual 12 volt lithium battery performs better than lead acid batteries in more weather conditions. It can charge between temps of 0 and 55 32°F ~ 131°Fand can discharge between -20 and 60 -4°F ~ 140°F at 100% rate.

LILEAD dual lithium leisure batteries need to be above freezing in order to charge them. As a result, it is best to use the batteries in a climate controlled location (not on the tongue of a trailer or using a lead acid battery compartment that has to be ventilated, thus allowing freezing air to circulate around the battery).

LILEAD dual lithium leisure batteries can be placed in an insulated space, inside the yacht/ boat/ RV or other climate controlled areas. Some users have suggested using a Battery Heating Pad that you can find online. We recommend using the battery in a climate controlled location.




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