24V 200Ah Marine Yacht Deep Cycle Lithium Battery

  • 24V 200Ah Marine Yacht Deep Cycle Lithium Battery
24V 200Ah Marine Yacht Deep Cycle Lithium Battery
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  • china
  • 60 days
  • 3000pcs/ month

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 D24200 Battery Tech Data
Stored Energy5120Wh
Rated capacity200Ah
Dimension (L*W*H)513*440*180mm 20.20*17.32*7.09in
Nominal voltage25.6V
Volt range20V-29.2V
Charge timeStandard5.5h
Charge method
Max discharge currentPulse (3S)300A
Surge (30S)150A (30S)
Cycle life
0.5C, 23℃/73℉
10%>6000 cycles
100%>2000 cycles
Operating temperature rangeCharge3℃~45℃/  37℉~113℉
Discharge-20℃~55℃/ -4℉~131℉
Storage (1 month)-10℃~45℃/ 14℉~113℉
Storage (6 month)0℃~35℃/ 32℉~95℉
Water proofUL94-V0
Approx weight48Kg/ 105.6lbs
Series & parallel connectionMax 4 series connection.
Max 4 parallel connection.
Batteies must be fully charged before series or parallel connection.

BMS Protection
Activate volt3.55V/ cell
High temperature protection (MOSFET)Protection85℃/ 185℉
Release75℃/ 167℉
High temperature protection (cell)Protection65℃/ 149℉ (charge)  70℃/ 158℉ (discharge)
Release55℃/ 131℉ (charge)  60℃/ 140℉ (discharge)
Low temperature protection (cell)Protection0℃/ 32℉ (charge)  -20℃/ -4℉ (discharge)
Release10℃/50℉ (charge)  -10℃/ 14℉ (discharge)
Over-chargeProtection15.4V  (3.85V/cell)
Relase14.6V  (3.65V/cell)
Over-discharge Protection9.2V  (2.3V/cell)
Relase10.0V  (2.5V/cell)
RelaseRemove load for the short circuit protection to release
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