Is the higher the voltage of the electric vehicle battery better?


 From a technical perspective, the higher the voltage, the better the performance and economy of electric vehicles. The comprehensive performance of electric vehicles equipped with five or six batteries is much better than that of electric vehicles equipped with four batteries, and long-term use is also more cost-effective and convenient than electric vehicles equipped with four batteries. This is also the direction for the development of electric vehicles in the future. However, the production difficulty coefficient of high-voltage electric vehicles is relatively high, and there are not many manufacturers that can pass the production standards. So currently, most businesses in the market still focus on selling electric vehicles with four batteries. The price is lower, while the price of electric vehicles equipped with five or six batteries is slightly higher. The reason is simple. In addition to the coefficient of technical difficulty, high-voltage electric vehicles have more voltage regulating circuits, controllers, motors, and frames, which are much more durable than 48V vehicles. They are not only powerful, fast, far away, and have a long battery life, but also have more or two batteries! At present, the 48V four battery electric vehicle, just like the original 36V electric vehicle with three batteries, is about to complete its historical mission. It will be replaced by electric vehicles with five or six batteries. Consumers must be cautious when choosing.

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