The First Pure Electric Sailboat Made in China


 On April 2, 2023, Yidong Technology and Fayi Technology jointly released China's first pure electric offshore twin hull sailboat - Fayi Yidong 42C new energy twin hull sailboat. The ship is provided by Yidong Technology with a complete customized solution for the ship's electric propulsion system, including power batteries, propulsion systems, and control systems.
The Fayi Yidong 42C new energy catamaran is designed by the internationally renowned ship design institute SIMONIS VOOGD DESIGN, with a length of 12.55 meters and a width of 6.8 meters. Equipped with a modern aesthetic appearance, the streamlined design is fashionable and concise. Built in ultra long organic glass portholes, you can enjoy a 360 ° unobstructed view in the main salon area with transparent lighting.
The electric propulsion system solutions adopted by the ship mainly include power batteries, propulsion systems, control systems, etc., which have advantages such as high propulsion efficiency, small size, easy layout and installation, precise control, easy expansion, convenient operation, and reliable quality. The propulsion motor adopts two 20kW permanent magnet synchronous motors, which can provide up to 40kW power output; The control system adopts the Yidong HMI human-machine interaction system, including intelligent throttle and 5-inch intelligent display screen.
The battery system adopts lithium iron phosphate battery and is equipped with the runaway self-developed battery management system (BMS), which has the automatic equalization function and can monitor the voltage, temperature, etc. of the single battery in real time. Up to four batteries can be installed in parallel, with a total capacity of 188.41 kW · h, a maximum endurance of 20 hours, and a voyage of 100 nautical miles. The 42C new energy catamaran sailboat supports multiple sailing conditions and has reverse charging function

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