Leclanche Company of Switzerland Launches the Third Generation Marine Battery System


Leblanch é, a Swiss energy storage solutions company, has recently developed a third generation marine battery system that can be used in all electric and hybrid ships.
It is reported that the Navius MRS-3 battery developed by Leblanch é of Switzerland is based on the company's MRS-2 and has been improved, including improving the battery energy density, modularity and safety.
Anil Srivastava, CEO of Leclanch é, said, "Our new Navius MRS-3 battery represents the latest generation of powerful, safe and zero emission electrical system in the shipbuilding industry. I am very happy to bring our award-winning MRS-2 system into the new system and set new performance standards for the shipbuilding industry, including the most safe liquid cooling architecture now recognized in the industry."
It is understood that this third generation marine battery system has been disclosed during the Electric&Hybrid Marine World Expo 2022 held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands this year, and will be delivered in 2023. At present, it has been designated for the design of several ship types, including the 10 MWh PR24 zero emission freight ferry of Scandlines, the ship owner.
The new M3 battery module has a battery with a cycle life of 65Ah G/NMC, which can provide a voltage of up to 1200 VDC and a series continuous discharge current of up to 720A. The number of batteries in each module has been increased from 32 to 36, which can provide 8.7 kWh of energy, 13% more than the batteries installed in MRS-2.
The safety functions of the new battery include the laminated ceramic partition between the batteries, the enclosure to prevent pollutants and water intrusion, the battery management system, liquid cooling and automatic active safety system.
The new battery design has 7 different heights and has been modified, including an easily accessible cooling rack, cable and control panel. This more compact design provides 27% more energy than previous generations in terms of comparable floor space.
The products of LILEAD S80 can perfectly interface with the above systems without having to re develop new protocols.
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