What is a BMS?

BMS stands for battery management system. It’s the key component for LILEAD ZEUS shield safety protection. LILEAD 12V/24V LiFePO4 battery BMS monitor each lifepo4 cells volt, battery current, temperature, BMS temperature by millisecond, with all the data, LILEAD BMS can identify crank current, surge current, short-circuit current etc. And offer over-charge/ over-discharge protection, over-current, short-circuit protection, high temp/ low temp protection etc, and also offer balance function for each lifepo4 cells inside the battery. LILEAD 12V/24V lifepo4 battery passed external short-circuit test, 70℃ ~ -40℃ (158°F to -40°F) thermal test, vibration testing, shock test, crush test, over-charge test, forced discharge test etc. LILEAD 12V/24V lifepo4 batteries are UN38.3, CE certified. Battery housing is UL94-V0 fire-proof certified, IP67 water & dust proof certified.

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