What Is The Rate Of Discharge And How Does It Affect The Capacity Of The Battery?

The rate of discharge is how fast you are pulling power from a battery. It’s important to take this into account as most lead acid batteries have a 20-hour rate. That means the advertised capacity in amp hours is based on the fact that you will pull the power out slowly over 20 hours. If you discharge the battery in 5 hours, you will get less energy out of the battery than you would at 20 hours. Take the very best 60Ah brand new AGM battery as example, 20 hours rate capacity is 60Ah, which is 3A discharge. The battery 25A discharge capacity is only 50Ah. By liquid silver tech and EV battery pack tech, LILEAD 12V/24V lifepo4 batteries will deliver their advertised power, even if you discharge them by 100A. 12.6V is the max volt of 12V lead acid battery. 50% to 70% of LILEAD 12V lifepo4 battery output power ≥12.6V @25A discharge, it’s 50 times of lead acid battery. LILEAD 12V/24V lifepo4 batteries can make your high power electronic device more powerful and endurable.

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