What’s The Difference Between Series And Parallel Connection?

There are two different ways of connecting batteries together to make a larger battery bank. 1.Parallel Connections – These connections are used when you want to increase the battery capacity, amperage of your battery bank. The connections on this type of battery go from positive to positive and negative to negative, when you connect this way, you double your battery capacity, amps etc. 2.Series Connections – This type of connection is used when you need to increase the voltage of your battery bank. The connections in this type of battery bank are different than parallel. Your batteries will be connected from positive to negative, linking the batteries together to increase the voltage of your battery bank. LILEAD 12V lithium batteries max 4 series connection, LILEAD 24V lithium batteries max 2 series connection, to build a 48V battery system. For LILEAD 12V lithium batteries and 24V lithium batteries, multiple parallel connection is OK, and it’s commonly used in yacht. *Before parallel connection, pls fully charge the 12V/24V lithium batteries.

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